Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers give us Quality of Life !

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of the profession of engineering after military engineering. Many of the important things in our lives that we take for granted are the product of civil engineering.

The paths and roads we travel are civil engineering projects.
The construction of the dams and power stations that provide the electricity we use every day requires civil engineers
The water and sewage treatment plants that provide us with safe water supplies require the expertise of civil engineers.
But it doesn't end there.
In fact most structures, large and small, require the help of a civil engineer whether in the designing, planning or managing of the project.
So... within the field of civil engineering, students can specialize in one of several traditional areas: Coastal, Environmental, Geotechnical, Materials, Structural, Transportation and Water Resources.
But that's not all...
Civil engineers also help to preserve our environment by assisting in the cleaning up of existing pollution and planning ways to reduce future pollution of our air, land and water.

Who knows what the future of engineering will hold?

Maybe terraforming on Mars....

Anything is possible. You can be sure that there will always be work for imaginative and inventive civil engineers.

In the past few years however, the scope of civil engineering has grown to include several new areas of study: Bioengineering, Project Management, Life-cycle Design, Real-time Monitoring, Rehabilitation, Smart Systems, Space Structures...

Interesting Fact:

The first person to actually call himself a "Civil Engineer" was John Smeaton (builder of the famous Eddystone Lighthouse) of Britain.

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