Structural Engineering

Structural engineers plan and design structures of all types. As structures become more complex, the structural engineer strives to provide improved building performance. They must identify special building problems and find innovative solutions. They deal with advanced building materials, earthquake resistance, building aerodynamics, construction management, rehabilitation and maintenance of structures,energy efficiency, ice-structure interaction, computer analysis of structures, and much more.


Structural engineers are involved in:

of such structures as:

using many types of building materials such as:

and using Intelligent Technology as a helpful tool.

They are also involved in:

Unique Structures
Roller Coasters & Ferris Wheels
Storage facilities
Cold Region Engineering
Intelligent Technology Earthquake Engineering

Associated Sites:

Structural Engineering Challenge (v2.0) - software package that has been designed to make it as easy as possible (and fun) for people learn about and explore how structures work in a laboratory type environment.

The Institute for Research in Construction (IRC) - "Through its research and in partnership with industry, the Institute works to improve the safety, durability and comfort of Canadian workplaces, homes and public infrastructure while helping builders become more competitive."



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